Membership I.D Card Request

This form is for ACTIVE MEMBERS to order a NEW or Replacement “Membership I.D Card” only.  One card is supplied with your New Membership or Membership Renewal.   For membership requests or renewals, please complete the appropriate page.

Membership cards are property of the EMS White Knights, may be revoked at any time, and must be in the holder’s possession while on duty. The holder may not incur obligations or create liability for the EMS White Knights. A regular member meets the minimum requirements of Standard First Aid with CPR and AED Certification or as determined by current guidelines.

*Note – Use the “Code” on the back of your I.D card to purchase any “Members Only” goods.

Replacement and/or additional cards are at a cost of $10.00/card.
Mail your cheque made payable to:

EMS White Knights
P.O. Box 396
Bradford, Ontario
L3Z 2A9

Membership I.D Card Request

    *Please Complete all Blank Spaces *



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