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EMS White Knights was conceived on July 3, 1998 by Jack Baker the past President.

The Association is made up of paramedics presently active and retired, medical first responders, firefighters active and retired, members active with the Canadian Ski Patrol, medically trained personnel from various hospitals and first aiders with CPR training.

When you join the EMS White Knights you become a member of a group of people that are dedicated to the safety of motorcycle riding on all roads and at all times. As a member, from time to time you will ride with such professionals as the O.P.P Golden Helmets and other O.P.P Constables, members of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Winged Wheels and members of various Police Forces that are escorting the various Charity rides that the White Knights are involved with.

If you think you put a lot of km’s on your bike throughout the riding season join us and you will see how little riding you really have been doing in and around the Southern Ontario region. Bring your medical response training with you and have fun on two wheels. You will meet and make new friends that have the same passion for riding as you do. You will be treated with kindness, respect and as a valued professional associate. You might have heard the expression “one for all and all for one” well that is what the EMS White Knights is all about. We make no empty promises and we deliver none.

As a member new or old the expectation is the same, come out to the rides that work for you and just enjoy. There is no minimum number of hours per year that you have to put in in order to be a member in good standing, all you have to do is what you can. As you can imagine though, in order to be able to cover all events we do need a certain amount of commitment and ask that you do a minimum of 4 events.

By joining you agree to comply with all City, Provincial and Federal Laws; failure to comply with the law could result in immediate termination of membership in the EMS White Knights. You agree to show respect and compassion for everyone while representing the EMS White Knights.

To register with the EMS White Knights please fill out the following application below and attach (png / jpeg /gif Format) your current Affiliate’s ID certificate of medical qualification with the minimum of Standard First Aid with CPR, for “Candidate” Membership.


    *Please Complete all Blank Spaces *

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    It is incumbent on each “Candidate” and/or “Member” of the “EMS WHITE KNIGHTS” association to be responsible for his or her own actions when participating in any event of the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION Rides or events through the year. The rides on which you will take part, or any other event in which you will participate are strictly events in which you have voluntarily chosen to participate for your own pleasure.

    To some extent, all motor vehicles are inherently dangerous and you should take part in any ride based solely on your own assessment of your abilities and your equipment. The EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION cannot assume any responsibility and/or liability for your participation in any event or at any time.

    The routes planned for all rides will be on public roads, unless so stipulated, and the individual planned the routes, lead, host the rides, organizer and leadership team cannot be responsible and/or liable for your participation in any event.

    By participating in any ride and/or event, you are agreeing to abide by all traffic laws and agree not to consume any illegal substances before during or after the ride or while wearing our uniform.

    If you have any doubts about your abilities, your equipment, the condition of the road, or about having adequate insurance coverage to compensate you for any loss you may incur, you should voluntarily withdraw immediately from the ride before starting or withdraw during the ride immediately when you incur doubt.

    All events of the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION are offered solely for the purpose of associating with other riders for the purpose of “motorcycling” and “providing casualty care first aid” if required and in no way does this benefit individual members monetarily or otherwise.

    I acknowledge that any sport involving motorcycling alone or in a group has its inherent risks, as does the performance of my duties as it relates to first aid performed. Candidate and/or members are not insured by the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION (EMSWK’s) for loss of income in the event of an injury and/or accident or as it relates to medical help and/or treatment. The EMSWK’s strongly recommends that Candidates and Members acquire their own income protection insurance, if they feel they need this.

    As a condition of membership, or of riding with the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION, the Candidate or Member releases the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION, as well as their officers, candidates, members and agents, from any and all claims for loss or injury, including claims for negligence, arising from the Candidates and/or Members participation in any Riding or first aid activities.

    No Candidate and/or Member, by virtue of their membership, is authorized to incur any obligations or create any liability on behalf of the EMS White Knights Association.


    This form when agreed too will constitute your application for admission into the EMS White Knights Association (EMSWK) However, before agreeing to this form you should understand all of the following conditions.

    1.  It is appreciated that you participate in a minimum of 4-6 rides and/or sanctioned events per season.

    2. You will be required to attend a yearly “Rider Skills / Refresher Examination” day. Please refer to the “Events” section for this day. Failure to attend this examination will void your membership and you will not be allowed to ride with the EMS WHITE KNIGHTS ASSOCIATION.

    3. Trikes or any 3 wheeled vehicle will not be allowed to ride in formation within the EMSWK’s group due to their unique handling needs and overall size within a lane.

    4. Candidates / Members will comply with the Associations uniform policy. Official EMSWK uniform garments will be supplied upon paid membership only. These garments remain the property of the EMS White Knights and must be returned immediately should you leave the EMSWK’s for any reason.

    5. To become recognized as a Certified EMS White Knight, candidates and members must successfully hold a valid and current First Aid certificate, demonstrate minimum motorcycle riding skills performance certification by the beginning of every riding season. “Candidates may not wear a EMSWK uniform until the “Chief Ride Trainer / Examiner” or an active Board Member authorizes them to do so.”

    6 I confirm I am not on the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry.

    7. To the best of my knowledge, I do not have a criminal record nor am I aware of any pending criminal charges against me (past or current).

    8. I am aware that EMSWK’s or its representative reserves the right to request from me, at my expense, a CPIC (criminal record check) and vulnerable sector screening.


    I understand that in the course of motorcycling, training and attending functions, I may be photographed or otherwise recorded and that these images or recordings (be they visual or audio) may be used in internal or external communications designed for the purposes of marketing or promoting the EMS White Knights Association.

    While EMSWK’s will endeavor through all reasonable means to gain permission from of any Candidate or Member whose image or voice is featured prominently in any material designed for external communications, I understand that may not always be possible. I understand that these images or recordings may be altered or used in conjunction with other images, recordings or words. I grant without limitation the right to publish such images on the internet, in any marketing, promotional, recruitment or fund-raising materials, or in any publication. I understand that the audio/visual material will remain the sole property of the EMSWK’s, and I waive any claim to remuneration for use of any images or recordings.


    Joining the EMS WhiteKnights Association means you are committing to our operation rules and regulations. Being part of our operational plan requires us to communicate with you to ensure you are informed of your committments and to ensure we are able to effectively operate to meet the needs of our organization.

    I understand and accept that I will receive emails from the EMS White Knights.



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