Who We Are and How To Apply

The EMS White Knights Association was conceived and founded on July 3, 1998 by  the late Jack Baker, former Toronto Paramedic and past President of the EMS White Knights Association, after responding to a life-threatening medical emergency during a charity ride he was attending.  He saw the need for having immediate medical care at arms reach and the EMSWK was born. The EMS White Knights (Paramedic & Medical Professional Motorcycle Association) is a non profit organization, consisting of casualty care trained personnel, who promote motorcycle safety. We participate with other motorcycle associations in community events supporting various charities. Our goal is to bring awareness to patient care and safe motorcycle riding, by increasing our membership throughout the world. We currently have Chapters located in Canada, Australia, England and Ireland.

The Association is made up of paramedics (presently active and retired), medical first responders, fire fighters (active and retired), medically trained personnel from various hospitals, members active with the Canadian Ski Patrol and first aiders with CPR training.

When you join the EMS White Knights you become a member of a group of people that are dedicated to the safety of motorcycle riding on all roads and at all times.  As a member, from time to time you will ride with such professionals as the O.P.P. Golden Helmets and other O.P.P. Constables, members of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Winged Wheels and member of various Police Forces that are escorting the assorted Charity rides with which the White Knights are involved.  

If you think you put a lot of kms on your bike throughout the riding season,  join us and you will see what little riding you have really been doing in and around the Southern Ontario Region.  Bring your medical or first aid training with you and have fun on two wheels.  You will meet and make new friends that have the same passion for riding as you do.  You will be treated with kindness, respect and as the professional that you present yourself to be.  

You might have heard the expression  "all for one and all for one all"?,  well that is what the EMS White Knights is all about.  We  make no empty promises and we deliver none.  As a member, new or old, the expectation is the same, come out to the rides that work for you and just enjoy.  

There are no strings attached but, as you can imagine, in order to be able to cover all our events, we ask a minimum commitment from our members.  Once Full membership is achieved, you will be required to attend and pass our Advanced First Aid training*  (every 3 years) and commit to a minimum of 4 event rides per season to maintain your membership in "Full" standing. 

By joining, you agree to comply with all City, Provincial and Federal Laws; failure to comply with the law could result in immediate termination of membership with the EMS White Knights.  You agree to show respect and compassion for everyone while representing the EMS White Knights. You also agree to the release of your image and to allow communications. Please read the attached waivers and permissions and indicate your acceptance of these terms on the application form.

TO APPLY to the  EMS White Knights as a Candidate, PLEASE READ THE WAIVERS AND AGREEMENTS, COMPLETE THE APPLICATION BELOW and attach (pdf,jpeg/png/gif format) a copy of your current Affiliate's ID certificate of medical qualification with the minimum of Standard First Aid with C or HCP CPR.

* The Board may choose to make exception for currently employed and active members of any accredited Paramedic or Fire Service, or MD, RN or RPN with experience/training in the disciplines of General, Emergency or Trauma medicine or others satisfying the minimum skill sets as outlined within our AFA syllabus.

Jack Baker (1937-2012), Founder, EMS  White Knights

Jack Baker (1937-2012), Founder, EMS White Knights